vaping health risks


With all the concerns about vapour products and electric cigarettes, you can forget how harmful secondhand vapour can be. We all know that carbon monoxide smoke is bad for your health and more importantly, you’re risking your children’s health by exposing them to it. As, well as this though, the vapour is filled with harmful toxins such as ammonia and carbon dioxide, which could be harmful to your wellbeing and also to other folks around you. Listed below are just some of the dangers of vapour products:

Nicotine is addictive and if you puff on vapour products, you are getting nicotine into your bloodstream directly through the lungs. Therefore the other harmful ingredients such as ammonia will enter your bloodstream as well. The nicotine is metabolised into your bloodstream where it acts much like drugs such as amphetamines. This means that you may be getting dependent on nicotine and in doing so you’re also at great risk from diseases such as cancer and cardiovascular disease.

And being highly addictive, nicotine can be a cancer risk. You’re basically doing the world a favour if you quit using vapour products because cigarettes to push out a lot of harmful chemicals because they burn. They contain a huge selection of different chemicals including over 4000 chemicals which are known to cause cancer. The longer you use them the higher your risk of getting cancer.

Nicotine also destroys your teeth and mouth quickly. If you are using vapour products regularly you are increasing your risk of tooth decay, gum disease and tooth loss. The sugar content also has diuretic properties which can cause water retention and can lead to diabetes. The final but not least, nicotine is an extremely strong irritant and can create respiratory problems such as snoring and lung cancer.

By smoking cigars or pipes when you are using vapour products, you’re exposing yourself to even greater risks. Cigars and pipes are made from different elements that react in various ways when they are smoked. Some metals such as copper react with nicotine and cause copper poisoning. There are other metals such as for example aluminium, that may cause respiratory problems. A number of the metals can cause serious long term disorders.

Another risk connected with vapour products is you could be cutting your throat once you smoke. Once you smoke cigars or pipes, the tar and nicotine cause inflammation of your throat and mouth. When you inhale vapour it will enter your lungs, and the tar will coat your throat.

These risks do not all mean that you need to totally quit vapour products but you should take care when you start. The primary risk from smoking may be the risk of serious illness and disease. You can be putting your health at an increased risk by smoking cigars or pipes. You’ll be able to quit and reduce the risk of these health risks with a non-combustible electrical device. You will reduce your risk to almost zero.

Vaping is a fantastic alternative to smoking. Lots of people use this product to help them stop smoking. And reducing the health risks connected with smoking, it also reduces your overall risk of diseases such as cancer and emphysema. The very best devices for achieving this are called e-pods or electric cigarettes. By using vapinger an e-pod it is possible to stop smoking and never have to feel the withdrawal symptoms that you would experience in the event that you stopped smoking traditionally. With e-pods you can stay away from medical risks of smoking could cause.